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Pharmacy compounding: The Art and Science of creating customized medications based on physician specifications and patient needs.  

At Promise Pharmacy we understand that each individual has his or her own medical requirements. Through our compounding services, we can create customized medications designed to meet the needs of the individual patient.  

Promise Pharmacy offers a variety of compounded products including:

• Dermatology (treatments, creams, lotions, ointments, gels)

• Hormone Therapy (capsule, creams, troches, injectables)

• Weight Loss Management (hCG, MIC Combos)

• IV Therapy    • Ophthalmology      • Nutraceuticals     • Libido Therapy

• Dental           • Urology               • Pediatrics             • Veterinary

• Topical Pain Treatments (creams, gels, ointments)

Our Compounding Pharmacists are healthcare specialists who can prepare alternative dosage forms to make sure you are getting the medication you need in the correct dose. Promise Pharmacy’s state-of-the-art cleanroom facility is <797> compliant for sterility.

Promise Pharmacy can also provide:

• Flavoring of suspensions and liquids

• Converting available solid form medications into liquid form

• Converting commercially available medications (tablets, capsules, etc.) to client specified or  
  physician prescribed forms

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