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“Low-T” or low testosterone is also known as Andropause

Andropause is often called the “male menopause.” As men age, their bodies produce less and less testosterone. This lack of testosterone can lead to a number of symptoms that many men just accept as the “normal aging process”. A lot of men do not realize that these symptoms can be reduced or eliminated through Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

Numerous changes are associated with an age-related decline in testosterone. Men can go through these changes quickly, or more typically, slowly over a period of time with a gradual hormone decline. Some men start this decline as early as their 30s, when the body’s production of testosterone starts to drop by 1 to 2% each year.

Symptoms of low-testosterone include:

• Fatigue                       • Inability to concentrate      • Loss of muscle strength

• Reduced sex drive       • Osteoporosis                     • Heart Disease

• Irritability                   • Insomnia                          • Erectile dysfunction

The good news is, when hormones are replaced or restored back to physiological levels considered normal for younger males, many men experience a dramatic reversal of these changes.

Promise Pharmacy can compound testosterone in several different forms and strengths for your convenience:

  • Injectable (preferred by many physicians) 
  • Transdermal cream (in a convenient pump or topi-click delivery system)

Testosterone replacement therapy must be prescribed and monitored by a licensed physician. Talk to your doctor to see if testosterone replacement therapy is right for you. 

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